Stealth Mic Cable

US $40

The Stealth Sonics Mic cable is designed to be the perfect companion to high performance IEMs. Designed with a quad-braid, black sleeve silver coated copper cable, it provides the necessary durability, comfort and performance required for audio professionals, musicians and audiophiles. Furthermore this cable is designed to minimize cross interference. Each cable comes with a memory wire to improve user comfort. Each cable come with a standard 2 pin IEM connector with lip. The angle of the connector has been specially designed to guide the memory wire comfortably over the ear. The cable has been vigorously tested to perform well with any Stealth Sonics IEM. Each cable comes with a 6 month limited warranty. Features Summary: - Quad-Braid - 2 pin connector with lip - Adjustable choker - Memory wire - Black sleeve silver plated Copper cable - iOS / Android Dual Mode Microphone