Who We Are

We are a group of audiologist, engineers and musicians that have been serving the audiology and audio needs of musicians, audio professionals, audiophiles and patients in SouthEast-Asia for almost 10 years. We now bring our in-depth knowledge and experience to precision tuned In-Ear Monitors through Stealth Sonics to the whole world

Why We’re Different

We're approaching in-ear monitors in a whole new way, using science that leverages our innovations in the medical, music, acoustic and aerospace fields to craft in-ear monitors that are as unique as you are—from custom precision-tuned systems to personalized finishes that let your monitors become an extension of your varied lifestyle.

With Stealth Sonics, you'll enjoy the utmost sonic accuracy and advanced hearing protection, in total style and comfort. We offer a full range of universal and custom-molded options, with versatile accessories for a one-of-a-kind experience. Our systems will take you from the studio to the stage to the street, without missing a beat.

Beyond making great sounding IEMs we are dedicated to ensuring that our IEMs come loaded with hearing protection features to protect the users hearing. With the increasing rate of younger people suffering from hearing loss, we have studied ways to redesign the traditional in-ear to enhance hearing protection. Through these efforts our customers can be reassured that extra care has been taken to ensure that our in-ear monitors mitigate hearing loss and reduce ear fatigue to allow the user to enjoy music longer.